Keep Your Car Safe: How to Prevent Auto Theft

Getting your car stolen is one of those awful life events we keep reserved for "others" in our minds. It happens in movies, on the news, but never to us. Unfortunately, car theft a lot more common than you might think. Even people who live in the safest neighborhoods can wake up one morning to find their garage or driveway empty or important belongings gone.

Don't worry, though. While auto theft is a real threat, there are a few simple ways to stay protected. Invest in a key finder so you always know where yours are. Never hide spares inside the vehicle. You should also keep your car free of any personal items. Cellphones, laptops and other valuables should not be kept in plain sight or even under the seat.

Make sure you never leave your car unlocked or running. Park in well-lit areas close to entrances. You may also want to upgrade your anti-theft system. Not only will this provide you with an extra layer of protection, but many insurance providers offer major discounts to drivers with anti-theft devices!



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